What If I’m asleep when I’m awake, and awake when I’m asleep

– If everything  I thought was real, was just a dream. And every dream was in fact not a dream but real?.

I had this dream, and it felt
so real. Almost like I was lying in a coma and falling in and out of sleep.
I remember taking the bus home, I was alone in the bus. And the scenery around me was similar to the bus route I take almost every day.  Now this is what happened next, the bus is getting out of control and driving too fast. I start to think about the fact that I may die in my dream, so I get these flashes of memories running through my mind. At the same time the bus drives out of the road, and everything moves in slow-motion as the bus is in the air towards the field underneath me. I remember that I need to move my body in the right positions as I am getting closer and closer to crashing on the ground inside the bus. Not to get injured too badly.
As I lay there, everything slowly turns black. And it gets really dark.

– What strikes me is that usually I wake up when something like this happens to me, but this dream was different.

I felt the darkness for a bit, until I felt a striking of pain throughout my limbs.
My eyes opens up and I spot a person in front of me. I look to the sides and I appear to be in a hospital bed with wires around me. I get to look myself in the mirror and my body is covered with stitches and bruises. I’ve got a black eye, and a distinguished scar on my forehead.

All of a sudden the nurse comes along and tells me I have been lying in the hospital for months. I was injured from the bus- accident. I look in the newspaper  and there I am, ” 21 year old girl, still critically injured”.
When she told me, I remembered some memories from the life that is, and still are very real to me. The life where I am sitting on my bed writing everything down from this dream I was dreaming as we speak. It may sound strange but in a way I managed to create a direct link from my dream to reality. 

It is nothing new that I have managed to gain quite a lot of control of my dreaming, so therefore it is always harder for me to separate from when I am dreaming. Sometimes they feel so real, I swear I could live two separate lives. But which one of them is real?

Back to the story; Some how I was convinced that I actually was injured, and when I woke up I could feel everything just hurt. The question now were, was I still dreaming? 

 Would I call this a nightmare? – No. No matter how weird it sounds, I was so fascinated about every aspect of my dream. It felt like I could control everything that happened to me, and I also thought a lot while I was dreaming. Everything was so extremely vivid, and the fact that I could say that my current life did not exist, it was only a dream, in my dream! About my “real” life that is.

So that’s why I wonder, what is real and what is a dream? One of the many unanswered questions of life, that every person has thought of and the philosophers has studied for thousands of years. 

Deep shit today people, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “What If I’m asleep when I’m awake, and awake when I’m asleep

  1. Would have scared the shit out of me too. Makes for interesting hindsight and an interesting blog. What is real and what is a dream has always been my favourite question, hence my blog name!

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